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The Artichoke Staff
The Heart of the Heart!

The staff at Artichoke Music look forward to sharing their skills and passion for folk music with you. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, you will be greeted by friendly, knowledgeable people who are happy to give you some tips, change a guitar string, or join you in an impromptu jam session!

Click on the photos below for more information.

Richard Colombo
Artistic Director
Barbara Rozell
Office Manager
Ray Hughes
Sales & Repair
Custom Luthier


We are blessed to have many wonderful volunteers whose willingness to donate their time, skills and enthusiasm makes it possible for Artichoke Community Music to accomplish its mission.

A few of our volunteers, however, stand out in the hours of service they have donated to Artichoke, and we would like to give them special recognition here.

  • Don Wheatley
  • Margaret Branch
  • Victoria Crowe
  • Jani Moore
  • Paul Kwitek
  • Mary Scott
  • Ann Louise-Sterry
  • Linda Walker
  • Leigh Young
  • Jim Morris
  • Matt Meighan
  • Susan Economon

ACM Board of Directors

The Artichoke Community Music board members represent an eclectic mixture of people who contribute to the community by making and supporting folk music. To learn more, click on the photos below.

Gail Sullivan
Board Member
Kim Davis
Board Member
Jck Kennedy
Board Member

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