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Michael Henchman & Radio Stranger


Saturday, April 1, 2017
8:00pm (Doors open at 7:30pm)
Tickets: $15.00

About Michael Henchman

Songwriter, musician, right-brain dreamer, left-brain artisan. Michael Henchman's Americana songwriting often draws inspiration from roads less traveled that have beckoned since childhood - living across the U.S., in Europe, and many years in central Alaska - to create a sound that is at once warm and reminiscent, bringing to life new stories on age-old journeys through love and loss, hard times and hope. Michael's latest EP “Near and Far” is a mostly-acoustic project, continuing to follow characters finding their way along wayward paths. He paints both the tangible and the elusive - what is perceived directly and what is laid across a wider cinematic landscape, waiting to unfold. He is currently working on his next record project.

He began writing songs early, falling under the music spell of an eclectic range of artists in folk, jazz, funk, and the long-form compositions of prog-rock, eventually embracing the explorations of contemporary writers such as Jackson Browne, John Gorka, Shawn Colvin, David Wilcox and Richard Shindell.

Over the years, Michael has performed in various folk, rock-n-roll and jazz bands - as bassist, vocalist, and guitarist - and has also composed instrumental music for several public television programs about Alaska. He continues to search for stories from the many places that people call home. Whether performing solo or with full backing band, Michael brings a sense of emotional truth to his songs and to the ongoing theme of ‘roads less traveled’.

"Pure Americana magic... full of cautionary tales and a passion for life... narrative lyrics and sincere performances [from] an artist who embraces each moment." - Gashouse Radio

About Radio Stranger

In 2014, Portland’s Americana songwriter Kelly Brightwell and Trop Rock songwriter Woody Moran wondered if writing together could be a way to meld their unique writing sensibilities into something with a broader appeal than their own individual efforts. They soon realized that they had an amazing synergy and could trust the songwriting process to help them create compelling songs. Their goal is to write catchy songs that will become part of the soundtrack of people’s everyday lives. Released in April 2016, their debut EP Radio Stranger features five Eclectic Acoustic Pop tunes: Whisper in the Night is a driving love song reminiscent of Jackson Browne, Good Money After Bad is an upbeat Norah Jones-style country number, Madonna of Tears is a classic ballad in the vein of Emmylou Harris, Rockabye Moon recalls a sexy Ricki Lee Jones, and Night Over Water captures the intimate energy of The Swell Season. They perform in the Northwest as both duo and full band, as Radio Stranger, and are currently seeking placement and licensing opportunities. "This isn’t Pop music or Country music... but this is a great song that needs to be recorded!” Darrell Brown, Grammy Award winning songwriter, referring to Radio Stranger’s Whisper in the Night.

Michael and Radio Stranger are very pleased to have these featured musicians performing again with us:

About Jean-Pierre Garau

A perennial favorite in the Portland session and gigging arenas, Jean-Pierre has accompanied many songwriters and musicians, on hundreds of shows, over the years. As a talented performer, arranger, vocalist, and teacher, he brings a unique touch and great musical sensitivity to the projects that he joins.

About Jeff Koch

An insightful guitarist who specializes in textural stylings as well as melodic solo work, Jeff is well known in Portland music circles, as a member of several project bands and as a session player. He also brings critical listening and arranging skills; his musical philosophy is that every note should service the song.

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