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Soldier Songs and Voices
with Alexa Wiley, Matt Meighan, and Sean Ramstead


Sunday, April 9, 2017
7:00pm (Doors open at 6:30pm)
Tickets: FREE!
Donations will be accepted during the performance

About Soldier Songs & Voices

Soldier Songs & Voices - Portland Metro is a local all-volunteer organization that provides free music and songwriting lessons to Armed Forces Veterans, as a vital means of developing self-expression and creating community. Guitars are provided. Soldier Songs & Voices - Portland Metro is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.

About Alexa Wiley

Alexa Wiley & the Wiley Coyotes Trio is a stripped down presentation that highlights Alexa’s evocative vocals and poetic songs. Alexa Wiley, Bret Malmquist and Dale Turnbull (aka Wiley Coyotes) have played together in Portland, OR for over 8 years as well as together in Alexa’s band: Alexa Wiley & the Wilderness. Paired with Bret Malmquist's guitar virtuosity and Dale Turnbull's steady bass, the trio creates a superb sonic lyricism that might be described as “wild metaphorical music that resonates down to your roots.” There is also something sly and clever about their particular “wiley” wisdom!

Well received at McMenamins’ venues and local pubs throughout Oregon, Alexa Wiley & the Wiley Coyotes are gaining musical momentum by winning new admirers and delighting existing fans.

"Alexa has purposefully searched out that which is unpredictable and wild about herself. And it does mean taking a chance of getting lost in the wilderness of oneself. It’s an art. Alexa suggests we take a chance taking that trip into the wild and unknown.” – Inessa

About Matt Meighan

Portland songwriter Matt Meighan, drawing on his years as an activist, journalist, parent and poet, writes tradition-steeped, thought-provoking songs that are at turns personal, political, poignant and funny, infused with a philosophical bent and an audible love of language.

A song collector as well as writer, Matt mixes his originals with songs by fellow songwriters as well as older songs from the folk and blues traditions. His commitments to good writing and "truth-telling" are clear in the songs he chooses and the songs he writes, many of which are performed by other songwriters.

About Sean Ramstead

Sean Ramstead is a local singer/songwriter and transplant from Long Beach, CA. He writes and plays songs from the heart about true everyday life, and experiences. Playing guitar since age 18, nearing 40 in 2012, he finally began writing songs after discovering a summer songwriting camp in Zigzag, Oregon. His style of playing has been referred to as an ‘easy slow jam’ or as having ‘groovy’ rhythms, inspired by his musical influences Jack Johnson and Ben Harper. He is making plans to record his 1st album this year.

Sean enjoys spending time volunteering with a local community non-profit group Soldier Songs and Voices and with the Portland Chapter - Surfrider Organization.

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