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La Peña Flamenca de Portland Presents:
Flamenco Esencia


Saturday, April 29, 2017
8:00pm (Doors open at 7:30pm)
Tickets: $20.00

About the Event

This April brings 3Shine Flamenco to Artichoke Music with dancer Mitsue "la pura" Johnson, percussionist Luis de la Tota, singer Estefania La Ishi, and guitarist William "Guillermo" Burgess. Join us in a show that will share the essence and purity of Flamenco - the 3Shine way!

About Mitsue "La Pura" Johnson

Mitsue has studied Flamenco dance around the globe with renowned artists such as Maria Bermudez, Luis De La Tota, Domingo Ortega, Ana María Lopez, Carmen Herrera, José De Los Reyes El Rin and Laurena Marrone. Mitsue has also studied Canté Flamenco with Ana de Los Reyes, Luis De La Tota, Maria Bermudez, and Yuka Imaeda. Mitsue offers her students an authentic Flamenco experience highlighted by excellent technique, professionalism, and deep comprehension of the Baile. Mitsue has performed alongside many accomplished artists including Laurena Marrone, Maria Bermudez, Estefania “la Ishi”, Luis De La Tota, Mark Ferguson, Jason & Mele Martinez, Vicente Griego, José Tanaka, Antonio de Jerez and most recently in Japan with Mana Mizuno, Takamitsu Ishiuzuka, Takuto Yamagishi. “La Pura” is a true Flamenco ambassador, sharing her perspective on the tradition and foundation through her expressive, passionate and Jerez-influenced Flamenco style.

About Luis de La Tota

Born into one of the oldest Gypsy neighborhoods of Jerez de La Frontera, El Barrio de Santiago, on Flamenco's most famous street, La Calle Nueva, Jose Luis Bermudez Peña aka Luis de La Tota, takes his artistic name from his grandmother 'La Tota', who has been an inspiration to him since his infancy. Luis carries with him a distinct humor, grace, and rhythmic charisma that started his career as a percussionist and festero at the tender age of 8. Where others spend decades studying and crafting their artistry, Luis simply IS purity in the form of Flamenco. His proof is in his presence on stage and in person where he creates at the moment, in every moment, music that will have you laughing to tears or eyes tearing up until you smile once you have discovered that you could lose yourself inside the world of Luis de La Tota. As a percussionist and palmero, Luis currently tours with flamenco's top artists such as Maria Del Mar Moreno, Antonio Del Pipa, Fernando de La Morena, El Capullo, and Diego Carrasco. He is the only holder of a license to teach flamenco rhythms given by the Flamenco Foundation of Spain in 1990. He is also the 'official' percussionist for Viernes Flamencos (Flamenco Fridays) in Jerez de la Frontera Spain. As a Flamenco lyricist, his verses (letras) have been sought after recorded by respected Spanish singers such as Antonio de la Malena (Album: Yo soy Asi, Asi Soy Yo, 1997). His work as a percussionist can be heard on CD's such as Duende y Compas and Gitanos de Jerez to name a few. He currently lives in Boise Idaho where he is building a school, Escuela de Ritmo that is dedicated to the art of Flamenco rhythms, dance, and guitar. In 2013, Luis gathered his family members to perform as Familia Bermudez at the prestigious Switzerland festival, Obwald Festival. He and Familia Bermudez were invited to return to Obwald Festival in 2015 where they filmed a documentary about Luis' talented family.

About Estefanía La Ishi

From her beginnings at Solo Flamenco (Portland,OR) in 2003 studying with Laurena Marrone to the year she moved to Sevilla Spain (2009) Estefanía has been impassioned to seek a connection with Flamenco's roots. Years of voice apprenticing under Maestras La Chiqui de Jerez (cantaora) Ani and Coral de los Reyes as well as intense study with Maestros Maria del Mar Moreno, Antonio El Pipa, Los Hermanos de La Tota and Maria Bermudez has earned Estefanía vast knowledge of the cante (song), a strength and spontaneity in her dance as well as a deep craving for creating new and exciting works. She enjoys sharing what she has learned along her personal journey through workshops and performance and is eager to assist in building Flamenco communities in the Northwest United States. Residing in Boise ID, Estefania co-directs non-profit Escuela de Ritmo/Shimi Tree Flamenco Company

About William “Guillermo” Burgess

William “Guillermo” Burgess began his adventure with flamenco guitar in San Francisco at 14 years old. His first teacher in S.F. was Mariano Cordoba. After years with Sr. Cordoba he gave his first solo recital at the local library. Then followed decades of performing with local Flamenco groups and studying in Spain. He's studied with Manuel Parrilla and David Serva mainly and has a long association with Jerez de la Frontera.

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