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QTN! Brian Cutean

Saturday, June 24, 2017
8:00pm (Doors open at 7:30pm)
Tickets: $15.00

About QTN

Here are words often used by listeners to describe a BRIAN CUTEAN (QTN) concert: engaging, relevant, ear-reverent, unpretentious, clever, gypsy, mystical, playfully wise, magnetic, inspiring, interactive, imaginative, hilarious, timeless, encouraging, synesthetic, spontaneous, intuitive, reflective, impulsive, inclusive, stream of consciousness and habit forming (but safe if taken as directed) with a wry sense of humour and a whole wheat love of irony. The Oregonian, Oregon's statewide daily, writes: "With his guitar and high tenor, Cutean's songs are playful, energetic and honest." The Austin American Statesman says: "Brian Cutean's repertoire of original songs and lyrics are introspective, satirical, delightfully absurd and always acoustically gentle to the ears..."

Born and grown in the Chicago area absorbing late night transistor radio, urban blues and the acoustic folk scene of the fifties, late sixties and early seventies. Seasoned by 13 years in Austin and Central Texas and then steeped for 10+ years in the Pacific Northwest. Brian's "Squint-Yer-Ears Music" is incisive with colourful lyrics of wild poetry and wordplay, engaging stories and "wordless guitar" instrumentals.His lyrical rhythms celebrate mental environs as well as environmentals.Whether he's in performance with his acoustic guitars and harmonica, in combo with upright bass and violin, mandolin or just his clear unaccompanied voice, there is a contagious energy drawing listeners in as he careens from the ridiculous to the sublime in the course of a single set.

QTN's award-winning songs and antics have been honoured with recognition repeatedly by the internationally acclaimed Kerrville Folk Festival's "New Folk Concerts" three times where he has been a campfire favourite since 1980. He has appeared at the Oregon Country Fair every year since 1988 on the Shady Grove, Blue Moon, Community Village and Energy Park stages and coffeehouses, festivals,schools and celebrations all over the country. Brian has consistently placed songs in national song searches like the Columbia Music Fest in Spokane, the Mesquite Folk Fest in Dallas, twice in the Austin Music Umbrella Awards and Best Unsigned Band search sponsored by Musician Magazine.

Brian Cutean/QTN is a songwriter-performer and teller of wild tales filled with wordplay, wonder and colorful guitar chops. The Oregon songpoet and wordsmith musician originally hails from the Chicago area and his offbeat songwriting and touching observations on the socialography of the human condition are hilarious, articulate and imaginative. His songs are award-winning and unforgettable and he has released nine albums of original songs.

His new just released album, The Sound of Photosynthesis, feature ten new tunes including a musical setting of EE Cummings' "anyone lived in a pretty how town" and nine other QTN originals recorded in Portland, Eugene, and Austin. Listen to the songs at brianQTN.bandcamp.com.

"...the Tom Robbins of folk music" (The Carbondale Flipside)

"With offbeat, yet touching observations on the human condition, Brian is one of Oregon's unique musical treasures and has performed his songs of spirit, whimsy and power all over the United States. He is a mainstay of the Kerrville Folk Festival in Texas." (Sisters of the Road newsletter)

"Wandering minstrel Cutean is a nimble guitarist and appealing singer whose jaunty folk songs and contemplative ballads are filled with personal reflection, social commentary and pure whimsy." (Willamette Week)"

“Clever. quirky, lyrics that touch on deeper levels of being human...” (Hipfish Magazine)

“Introspective, satirical, delightfully absurd and always acoustically gentle to the ears...” (The Austin Statesman)

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