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Group Classes for Adults & Teens
Polyrhythms explained-simple guide to applying polyrhythms

Instructor: Max Tucker
Session: Summer 2018
Dates: Sundays - June 24 to August 5
7 weeks
Time: 12:00 - 12:50 pm
Cost: $120
Location: 2007 SE Powell Blvd
Registration: Register Online

Class Info

In this class I will introduce students to the wide world of polyrhythms. First we will cover exactly what a polyrhythm is, then I’ll talk a bit about how they are most commonly used in popular music. From there I will show the class how to play the simplest and most used polyrhythm. Each week we will look at a different kind of polyrhythm and listen to audio examples that use them. I will then demonstrate how to play it on the drums/ percussion and finally invite students to come up and try it for themselves. There will be some ensemble playing in every class as well in which I’ll assign different parts to different sections of the class. Polyrhythms covered in this class will include: 3 against 2 (or 6 against 4), 3 against 4, and 5 against 4. We will look at examples in jazz, pop, world and folk music. Some knowledge of rhythm and counting is a plus for this course but not required. All equipment will be provided.

Teacher's Web Site: max-tucker.com

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