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About Artichoke Community Music
The Heart of Portland's Folk Music Community for Nearly 50 Years

Our Vision

We envision a community where music is accessible to everyone in the region. A place where people of all ages, income levels and cultures have access to music teachers, instruments and music performances.

This is a community where musicians are supported in their art. Artichoke Community Music is a cultural center driving community engagement.

We welcome your contribution to making this vision a reality!

Our Mission

We build community through music and support musicians at all levels with a threefold approach:

  • Connection: Artichoke Music is a culturally diverse gathering place where musicians and music lovers can come to share.
  • Education: Artichoke Music offers a wide variety of musical classes and workshops from the beginning level to performance and recording.
  • Performance: Café Artichoke presents performances by local and touring musicians.

Our Values

We believe in:

  • Community -- All of Artichoke's programs and activities are meant to develop and strengthen person-to-person connections. Artichoke Music connects performers with audiences, teachers with students, learners with mentors, and players with each other.
  • Learning -- Artichoke knows the value of music in our culture and supports the continued growth of musicians at all levels throughout their lives.
  • Inclusion and Diversity -- This is a place where everyone belongs. We are dedicated to the inclusion of diverse cultures in the students we teach, the communities we serve, the artists we present, and the audiences we attract.
  • Participation -- We are a participatory culture. We support friendly, supportive, spontaneous and collaborative ways to enjoy music. We encourage and celebrate the growth of the individual and the enrichment of the world around us.
  • >Support for Tradition and Openness to New Music -- The heart of Artichoke is based in the acoustic and roots traditions. Artichoke embraces the ways that these traditions have grown and seeks to include the many influences that are enriching this music today.
  • Listening as a contribution and form of participation.

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