Sharing Silly Songs ~ a Community Songwriting Workshop

Annie Sea
Artichoke Community Music School: On-Line (location map)
Tuesday, 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM
11/24/20 - 12/15/20 (4 weeks)


Let's lift our spirits with a community songwriting workshop focusing on funny songs. Humor can help release tension, and who doesn't need that nowadays? We will explore songwriting techniques, create funny stories, share ideas, and write and perform silly songs for each other. Let's laugh and create together. 

Class Outline:
Class 1: Class introduction, sharing, songwriting basics, 
Class 2: What makes a song funny?, focusing on details 
Class 3: guided group songwriting, brainstorm ideas with groups
Class 4: Present our songs!

Here's a video of Annie's latest song that fits the silly song description ;) 

Upcoming Meetings
11/24/20    7:00 PM Tuesday Drop-In 11/24/20 7:00 PM Drop-In
12/01/20    7:00 PM Tuesday Drop-In 12/01/20 7:00 PM Drop-In
12/08/20    7:00 PM Tuesday Drop-In 12/08/20 7:00 PM Drop-In
12/15/20    7:00 PM Tuesday Drop-In 12/15/20 7:00 PM Drop-In