Flamenco Guitar 2

Brenna McDonald
Artichoke Community Music School: On-Line (location map)
Wednesday, 6:00 PM - 6:55 PM
11/04/20 - 12/16/20 (6 weeks)


Come develop your right hand technique for flamenco guitar including pulgar (thumb), arpeggio, rest stroke picado, rasgueo, and abanico chico. In this class students will learn material for two different palos (styles) of flamenco, Tangos and Solea. Recommended for guitarists who have a basic understanding of Tangos and Solea compas and marcajes. New students with previous flamenco guitar experience are welcome to join and will be given videos to study before the first class.  Classical, flamenco, or nylon string guitar required. 

Upcoming Meetings
12/09/20    6:00 PM Wednesday Drop-In 12/09/20 6:00 PM Drop-In
12/16/20    6:00 PM Wednesday Drop-In (Moved from: 11/25/20) 12/16/20 6:00 PM Drop-In
(Moved from: 11/25/20)