Irish Fiddle Techniques and Style

Dan Compton
Artichoke Community Music School: On-Line (location map)
Monday, 7:00 PM - 7:50 PM
03/08/21 - 04/12/21 (6 weeks)

For advanced beginners on up. 

In this class we’ll learn some new and old tunes and delve into the nuances of bowing and ornamentation that make Irish fiddle what it is.  We’ll look at ways of using the bow in polkas, jigs, reels and hornpipes – and how each tune type has its own pattern of accents that make us want to bow it a certain way.  We’ll also explore all the ornaments used in Irish fiddle: left-hand ornaments like rolls and cuts, as well as ornaments executed with the bow.  We’ll also look into how ornamentation affects bowing … or is it the other way around?  Along the way we’ll also explore technical aspects of fiddle playing, especially bowing technique, intonation, and drawing on the fiddle’s resonance.  Recordings and tune transcriptions provided.

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