Ukulele for Complete Beginners

Tracy Kim
Artichoke Community Music School: On-Line (location map)
Thursday, 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM
03/11/21 - 04/15/21 (6 weeks)


ONLINE WORKSHOP VIA ZOOM.  Tracy will send a link to access the workshop once you are registered.

SPECIAL FOR SEPT 2020 Term: Buy one, get the next one 1/2 off!

Yes, it is true, playing the ukulele will make you and other people smile! It might be the most joyful and easy instrument to play considering it's size, cost, and portability!

In this course, for the absolute beginner, Tracy will start with the anatomy of the ukulele, how to hold and strum a ukulele, plus all the basics of uke tuning. Tuning a uke is very important, because they instrument can go out of tune quite easily. Tracy will show you how to do it by ear and also with a tuner.  

Once we are all tuned up, it's now time to learn to strum a few basic ukulele chords! With just a handful of chords.  You will learn the most important chords: C, Ami, F, G.  Tracy stresses the importance of learning on a batch of chords at a time and really master them.  You will then be able to play a lot of classic songs with only those chords! Tracy will also teach you a few different strum patterns, techniques and rhythms to fancy things up. Some very basic finger picking patterns will also be introduced this term.

After a review of the basic chords and easy song, students week will be a new song with a few new chords or strum patterns. Tracy will choose from this set list of fun songs you will learn in this 6 week term:

-Blowin' In The Wind
-Brown Eyed Girl
-Let It Be
-Stand By Me
-This Land is Your Land
-Leaving on a Jet Plane
-I've Just Seen A Face(Beatles)
-Hey, Soul Sister
-Time of Your Life
-Yellow Submarine
-Eleanor Rigby

Tracy will supply sheet music for the course. He will also teach the basics on how to read and understand the music, chord charts, and tabs. Once you understand these concepts, you can teach yourself any song!

If you have questions, please contact Tracy via email: 

Tracy Kim has taught music professionally for the last 20+ years in the Portland area.  He can be seen performing in the Portland area many nights a week often with different ensembles from folk to rock to country to jazz.   Many of his students have gone on to be professional musicians and instructors.  

Master teacher, Tracy Kim, has had over half a million views on his popular instructional ukulele and guitar videos on YouTube. Tracy brings his personable and down to earth teaching style to the students live in the classroom. Creating an ideal learning environment in a small group setting, Tracy can give you the tips and pointers, proper techniques, and complete understanding of the music that you'll be learning. You'll soon be jamming with others and having so much fun playing the uke!

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