Sing More Better and Feel More Better!

Anne Weiss
Artichoke Community Music School: On-Line (location map)
Monday, 6:00 PM - 6:50 PM
04/12/21 - 05/17/21 (6 weeks)


Online Class with Anne Weiss

This is a class for people who love to sing and would like to get better at it! -- Anne Weiss, creator of "The Everyone Welcome Community Choir" and "Singing for the Vocally Challenged," is premiering a new Zoom format that incorporates the essence of those participatory, learning experiences with her new class, "Sing More Better." Taught in the oral tradition, we'll use sing-along and call and response formats with easy, fun songs from around the world to help you learn breath control, pitch, harmony, new repertoire and lift our spirits while we are lifting our voices! 

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Upcoming Meetings
04/19/21    6:00 PM Monday Drop-In 04/19/21 6:00 PM Drop-In
04/26/21    6:00 PM Monday Drop-In 04/26/21 6:00 PM Drop-In
05/03/21    6:00 PM Monday Drop-In 05/03/21 6:00 PM Drop-In
05/10/21    6:00 PM Monday Drop-In 05/10/21 6:00 PM Drop-In
05/17/21    6:00 PM Monday Drop-In 05/17/21 6:00 PM Drop-In