Continuing Mandolin

René Berblinger
Artichoke Community Music School: On-Line (location map)
Tuesday, 7:00 PM - 7:50 PM
04/13/21 - 05/18/21 (6 weeks)


Continuing Mandolin will take you to the next level journey.  The course will be designed and tailored based upon registrants to make sure you learn what you need in the next step of your journey to master the mandolin.  You are welcome to take both the beginning and continuing class or just take one or the other...

Topcs may cover and focus on any one of the following topics: 

A. Learning to read music notation on the mandolin. 
B. Closed position chords and back-up including some basic understanding of chord structures and patterns. 
C. More advanced right and left hand techniques. 
D. Scale patterns in open and movable positions. 
E. Build tune repertoire in various styles including Celtic, traditional American folk and Bach or anything you bring!

ZOOM details will be provided by Rene to all registered students before the class sessions begin.

Upcoming Meetings
04/20/21    7:00 PM Tuesday 04/20/21 7:00 PM
04/27/21    7:00 PM Tuesday 04/27/21 7:00 PM
05/04/21    7:00 PM Tuesday 05/04/21 7:00 PM
05/11/21    7:00 PM Tuesday 05/11/21 7:00 PM
05/18/21    7:00 PM Tuesday 05/18/21 7:00 PM