Beginning/Intermediate Irish/Celtic Guitar

Zac Leger
Artichoke Community Music School: On-Line (location map)
Saturday, 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
05/01/21 - 06/05/21 (6 weeks)


Beginning Celtic Guitar
This class will look at the bedrock fundamentals of accompanying the traditional music of Ireland and the British Isles. You will learn to back reels, jigs, slip jigs, hornpipes and polkas. We will look at alternate tunings, multiple styles of strumming, picking patterns, rhythm and syncopation, hand dampening techniques and dynamics, moving bass lines, modal chords, counter-point  and much more. Also useful for singer/songwriters, Old-Timey/Folk musicians or those who just want to try something new on the guitar! We will study some of the history of the guitar in traditional music and discuss some of the techniques these players have innovated. We will also discuss the etiquette of when and at what times the guitar is applicable in traditional music and how to behave in Irish/Celtic trad sessions as a guitarist. This class will be taught in and explore  drop-D and DADGAD tuning, so, while it is a beginner class, it assumes that students already have at least a basic working knowledge of standard tuning on the guitar along with some basic chords and musical theory. (IMPORTANT NOTE: This class will be presented for strumming with a plectrum. I suggest a Dunlop .60 or .73 for this style; many of these techniques will not be possible on a pick lighter than .50 or heavier than .73. You will need the flexibility! Fingerstyle guitarists are more than welcome with the understanding that some strumming techniques won't translate and will need to be modified for their own style of playing) 

Upcoming Meetings
05/01/21    12:00 PM Saturday Drop-In 05/01/21 12:00 PM Drop-In
05/08/21    12:00 PM Saturday Drop-In 05/08/21 12:00 PM Drop-In
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06/05/21    12:00 PM Saturday Drop-In 06/05/21 12:00 PM Drop-In