Beginning/Intermediate Tinwhistle/Pennywhistle

Zac Leger
Artichoke Community Music School: On-Line (location map)
Sunday, 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
05/02/21 - 06/06/21 (6 weeks)


Beginning Tinwhistle 
Although it may look like a toy or appear superficially similar to a recorder, the tinwhistle or pennywhistle is capable of all kinds of wonderful music and emotive depth and is highly versatile in its own right. Played by people of all ages, it is used by both amateurs and virtuoso professionals, alike. The whistle is inexpensive and easy to learn, it fits right in a pocket, purse or bag and makes a great portable instrument for all kinds of music performances, recording or just for fun. This class will start with the basics of the pennywhistle: scales, breath control, bedrock ornamentation and technique, slides and bends, tongue technique and more. We will go as deep as the members of the class wishes to go.  While we will study some Irish and British Isles tunes, the whistle is a fantastically inclusive instrument and is open to many other styles and interpretations of music. We may study some very familiar sounding popular tunes as well! Class will be open to all levels of beginners; from those who have already started and are wanting to move on to more challenging material to those who have never put a whistle to their lips before now! NOTE: Tunes are taught in the traditional way, by ear. All that is required is a whistle in the key of 'D' and an open mind and ear!

Upcoming Meetings
05/02/21    12:00 PM Sunday Drop-In 05/02/21 12:00 PM Drop-In
05/09/21    12:00 PM Sunday Drop-In 05/09/21 12:00 PM Drop-In
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