Irish/Celtic Tunes for All Humans/All Instrumentation!

Zac Leger
Artichoke Community Music School (location map)
Sunday, 1:30 PM - 2:30 PM
05/01/21 - 05/23/21 (4 weeks)


Tunes for All Humans/All Instruments!
The idea behind this class is very simple: give you two to three new tunes a week and enlarge the amount of tunes you can play and share with other musicians. Tunes will be broken down carefully and into bite-sized pieces to make them easy to pick up by ear. Then we will play the tunes slowly and relaxed, giving your muscle memory time to truly learn the tune! No more only half remembering a tune at a jam or wishing you could play that one you heard at the session but just did not have time to record or memorize! Tunes will feature heavily from the Irish tradition but tunes from Scotland, Wales, the English border piping and Morris melodeon traditions, Cornwall, The Isle of Mann, Brittany, Galicia and Asturias, Canada, Scandinavia, the American Old-Time tradition and more will also have their chance to shine! Reels, jigs, slip jigs, hornpipes, marches, slides, waltzes, polkas, Morris tunes and more will be covered (along with a few gavottes, polskas and Muiñeiras!). In most Irish sessions, you would be expected to stick to playing those traditional instruments that are commonly accepted in the Irish music culture (ie: unison melody on the uilleann pipes, wooden flute, fiddle, button accordion, concertina, piano accordion, tenor banjo or mandolin and rhythmic and chordal accompaniment on guitar, Irish bouzouki, mandola, harp, piano and bodhran (Irish frame drum). However, I want this class to be free and open to anyone who wants to learn these tunes and expand their repertoire, regardless of background or skill level. As long as you can play melody on your instrument, are willing to learn tunes slowly broken down and by ear, and you can comfortably play in the keys of D and G major and associated keys (Bm, Em, Am, etc), you can join along! 


Upcoming Meetings
05/02/21    1:30 PM Sunday Drop-In 05/02/21 1:30 PM Drop-In
05/09/21    1:30 PM Sunday Drop-In 05/09/21 1:30 PM Drop-In
05/16/21    1:30 PM Sunday Drop-In 05/16/21 1:30 PM Drop-In
05/23/21    1:30 PM Sunday Drop-In 05/23/21 1:30 PM Drop-In