Operations During the COVID Pandemic







From Pause to Freeze—Artichoke’s Plan for Compliance under Governor Brown’s Updated “Freeze” 

On Friday, November 13, Governor Brown announced a Statewide Two-Week Freeze to Stop Rapid Spread of COVID-19.  This "freeze" expanded  her “pause” order which had just gone into effect two days before.  The main element of the freeze was that the order will ask all of us as individuals, effective on Wednesday, November 18, to “limit social get-togethers (indoors and outdoors) to no more than six people, total, from no more than two households.” Business are allowed to remain open subject to certain restrictions which can be found here: FREEZE

The freeze order will be in effect until December 16, 2020 in Multnomah County, or for as long as is necessary to control the spread of the pandemic.

In response to the statewide freeze, and effective immediately, the following the public safety practices are in effect and will apply until further notice--Artichoke is open during the freeze:

We will limit the number of people allowed in any part of our faculty to no more than six people, or no more than two groups from two households.  

  1. If any room is at capacity, we will stage groups in available waiting areas with hospitality service available while one waits.

In addition, our existing public safety practices will remain in effect throughout the freeze, including:    

  1. All who enter must wear a mask. Masks are available to anyone who does not have a mask when they arrive.
  2. A voluntary wellness check will be asked of anyone who wishes to enter the music store or any other activities at Artichoke.
    1. If one chooses not to allow our host to complete a wellness check, entry into the store or studio will not be allowed. A wellness check is a condition of entry.
    2. If a patron does not want to participate in a wellness check, we will happily provide curbside service to any patron that orders in advance from the store.

Please note, during COVID, we are not operating as a music venue.

  • We are a retail store,
  • a live-stream studio,
  • and, a virtual music school. All music classes, open mics, song circles and performances are virtual. 

Artichoke remains in Full Compliance with prior orders...

The "pause" requirements, which started last Wednesday, November 11, 2020, are summarised in this link:  PAUSE

They were superceded by the "freeze" order which became effective starting November 18: FREEZE

In addition to the state and county guidelines, Artichoke has the following additional practices which remain in effect:

> ALL PATRONS MUST WEAR A MASK TO ENTER. All employees and volunteers wear a mask at all times, and we maintain a safe distance with our patrons. We have masks available if you forget your mask

> the doors to our store and music center are locked at all times to manage access and maintain safe distancing.  All patrons enter through the cafe door and exit through the store door.

> Applicable to both "freeze" or "pause": no more than 3 people or two family groups of three people can enter the store at one time. Parties are allowed to enter and wait in the cafe if the store is occupied at the time they arrive.  We provide hospitality service while you wait your turn, including coffee, tea and water.  Beer or wine is available to adults.

> All patrons must accept a wellness check to enter.  We take and record your temperature, the time and date of your entry, record your name, and a contact phone or email, ask whether you have symptoms.  We keep the information on file for 60 days and do not keep or retain any information beyond this holding period.

> Effective during the Freeze: Our studio/room capacity will observe the guideline of 6 people or two pods in any room of Artichoke during the freeze. Any activity in the studio/performance space will observe state and county occupancy guidelines.  In general, with the guidance of our architect, we adhere strictly to the square footage/occupancy guidance using 35 square feet per person of usable space.  We limit individual parties to 6 persons or less in their pod, and, in general, the total occupancy may not exceed 19 persons in the cafe including production staff.