Operations During the COVID Pandemic







Compliance with Covid Guidelines

The following public safety practices are in effect until further notice:    

  1. All who enter must wear a mask. Masks are available to anyone who does not have a mask when they arrive.
  2. A voluntary wellness check will be asked of anyone who wishes to enter the music store or any other activities at Artichoke.
    1. If one chooses not to allow our host to complete a wellness check, entry into the store or studio will not be allowed. A wellness check is a condition of entry.
    2. If a patron does not want to participate in a wellness check, we will happily provide curbside service to any patron that orders in advance from the store.
  3. We will limit the number of people allowed in any part of our facility to no more than six people, or no more than two groups from two households.  

  4. If any room is at capacity, we will stage groups in available waiting areas.

Please note, during COVID, we are not operating as a music venue.

  • We are a retail store,
  • a live-stream studio,
  • and, a virtual music school. All music classes, open mics, song circles and performances are virtual.